Sound Design
Sound Design at Ink.Digital

Here are links to some of the sound design projects I worked on during my time at Ink.Digital - click on them to have a look at the movies on the Ink website.

National Debt Line

This was the first professional sound track I'd ever done, so it was a bit of a stressful job, and I only had three days to get it done. I'm pretty happy with it, although they had to lower the volume of all my lovely crunchy coiny monster noises in the broadcast version as they drowned out the voiceover a bit - I didn't have access to a proper mixing setup unfortunately.

Natural Scotland

A bit less to do on this one as the music and voiceover take up most of the space. The Elephant and text noises are me squeezing empty plastic water bottles and blowing into other plastic things :-)


Again, not quite as involved as the Debt Line advert, but still fun to do. Some magical voice work at the end there!

Sound Re-Design Project

This is the end result of a sound re-design project I did back in 2008 for my MA. The original sound is actually a dance track called 'Curare' by Bulgari. Really just an experiment to explore the different meanings that can be pulled out of a visual piece by playing purely with the sound. The original video can be seen here, if you want to compare...

I must stress that this is not my animation.