16/06/10 - Live Music Videos

I first performed this live music video for the Nick Cave and the Bad Seed's song 'The Lyre Of Orpheus' as part of my studies at Norwich art school in 2008. The project was all about narrative and we were asked to do a live performance interpretation of one of a selection of stories we were given. The Greek myth of Orpheus and Eurydice happened to be one of the options, and I made the connection to the Nick Cave song, happy in the knowledge that I could hide behind the screen and let Mr Cave do the talking.

I'm not exactly a natural performer, so I was shitting it a bit and made a few mistakes (although I think that kind of adds to the fun), and as far as I was concerned I'd never be doing anything like this again, and shoved all the drawings away in a drawer somewhere. People seem to like it though, and I've performed it a couple more times since. I'd love to do some different songs at some point, but I need to find something as suitable as the Cave song - any suggestions would be very welcome!

Here's the second performance, at Videolab in Edinburgh's Arts Complex building. I also spoke a bit afterwards, but that has been deleted from the records due to me coming across as a complete idiot.

And here's the latest one at N_ilk in Drouthy Neebors, Dundee. Really great night at which my VJ mate Garry did some cool visuals too.

One day I will perform it perfectly, and the world shall end.

My mate Till Laßmann emailed me the other day with a link to some similar stuff that he's been up to with his mate Stephan Lomp. Looks like great fun, although I don't understand a word of it, and they're clearly very good at drawing and have no problems coming up with stuff on the spot, whereas my stuff is meticulously planned, believe it or not :D

Here's a link
to a translated blog post about the performance to give you an idea of the event.