Current Retchy Showreel

Retchy (aka Graeme Hawkins) is an animator, vj and sound designer based in Dundee, Scotland. He has worked on feature films (Sylvain Chomet's Oscar nominated 'The Illusionist') and nationally broadcast TV adverts, and is now freelancing with his idiosyncratic, experimental approach to animation. He likes playing about with animation techniques, and is especially interested in the combination of old and new technologies and ideas, like hand drawn projection mapping and 3D Zoetropes.

He is currently pursuing funding opportunities for various projects, and is always up for working on new and exciting ideas. You can find him VJ-ing with his mate VJ Smash in and around Dundee and Scotland, and occasionally performing his live music video for Nick Cave's 'The Lyre Of Oepheus' at random events around Scotland.

Please have a look around the site, watch his films, and tell him what you think of him (and his work:)