Me and Garry Whitton (aka SMASH!) just got our website up and running - www.retchyvsmash.com - and are beginning to get busy on the VJ front. We've had a good few gigs now and seem to be getting some good feedback. The Esperi kite mapping stuff seems to get better with each gig as I get used to the mammoth set up, and we had a great gig at the Reading Rooms with Check The Rabbit and Burnkane in Dundee the other night - our first traditional VJ-ing experience with DJs and EVERYTHING!

Here's some footage from our first gig with Esperi, which I've talked about elsewhere on the site so I shall refrain from boring you with all the details again...

And here is a quick edit of some of our stuff from an arty school night at the students union in Dundee a few weeks ago featuring Muppets and chip tunes from Edward Shallow. We really need to work on some sort of system to record our gigs better.

More chip tune stuff - some footage of my VJ set for Comptroller at the UK's first chip music festival, held at the Forest Cafe in Edinburgh. It were good fun :)